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Chris Evans: Every Single CELEB The Actor Has Dated So Far

Chris Evans is a very talented actor who is well-known in movies like The Avengers, Captain America. Knives Out, etc. The star. 39, also dated many Hollywood stars. He also faces many ups and downs in his relationships. So we have come up with a list of Chris Evans’ most popular relationships. So keep reading to know everything about it and dont miss any detail:

1. Jessica Biel

They both dated each other for nearbyfive years. They also share the screen for two movies together. Both also wanted to tie the knots with each other, but then they just decided to end their relationship. After that, Biel got married to musician and actor Justin Timberlake.

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2. Dianna Agron

Evans was also in a relationship with Glee star Dianna Agron. When she broke up with Alex Pettyfer, then she started dating Evans. The news of their relationship appeared back in 2011. They spotted getting close with each other at a pre-Oscars party. But their relationship not runs for a longer time, and shortly they split from each other.

3. Sandra Bullock

Chirs Evans earlier said that Sandra Bullock was her childhood crush. They first spotted with each other in 2012 at the Vanity Fair party. Then their relationship rumors started back in 2014, and also they spotted spending plenty of time with each other. They were reportedly dating each other at that moment and hide about their relationship.

4. Lily Collins

Evans also dated Emily in Paris star Lily Collins. The reports of their relationship appeared back in March 2015. Both met with each other at an Oscars party in the same year. But then they soon decided to split from each other.

5. Minka Kelly

Earlier Chris Evans linked with Minka Kelly multiple times. Back in 2007, it was reported that both are dating each other. In 2012, it was revealed that both reunite, but still, their relationship did not run for a longer time. The last time they spotted together in 2015.

6. Jenny Slate

So Evans also dated Venom actress Jenny Slate. Both shared screen for movie Gifted, they played main lead roles in it. Then they fall in love with each other. Then they split from each other in the year 2018. Slate then engaged with artist Ben Shattuck.

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