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Death Note 2 Movie: Expected Arrival And Much More

Netflix is spoiling fans with choices of back to back releases and one such movie Death Note has been a big hit amongst subscribers with demands for a sequel movie skyrocketing already! Are we going to get a sequel movie anytime soon?

Death Note 2: When Is The Sequel Movie Arriving After Such A Long Wait? Here’s What We Know.

After the first Death Note movie based in the popular manga story released, the makers we’re also impressed with the overwhelming response it received. Now, all we need are details about a sequel movie soon enough.

Death Note 2: A Sequel Movie Is Already In Works! Have A Look.

It’s been quite a while and almost as many as two years since there have been any such updates about a sequel movie. However, fans might be happy to know that a sequel is apparently, already in works under the Netflix banner. We might have some of the exclusive updates about the upcoming movie that might happen after all! Here’s a little twitter posted by Greg Russo.

While we are yet to get any more updates and we don’t even have a release date yet, we wonder whether the movie is already under development or not! However, one of the writers Greg Russo has assured fans that the script is already been written with some great ideas on the way. So, it seems like the sequel is yet to go into production as the script is still under development.

Death Note 2: One Of The Writers Have Assured Fans About A Sequel.

While the plot details have been kept under wraps, there’s still loads of material from the original manga that is yet to be introduced in the movies, so expect the story of Nisa Amane, to be continued for the sequel with new ventures to be explored by fans. So, Netflix might be updating any information about the upcoming sequel that is still under the early stages of development.

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