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Hercules: Live Action Movie In The Work? Here’s Who Will Be In The Cast

Disney has been developing several live-action movies and another name has been newly added in this ever working list of films and fans are going to see another classic story getting adapted into a live-action movie.

Hercules: Disney Is Going To Develop The Classic Old Tale! Here’s What We Know.

The studio giant is developing a Hercules live-action movie and there’s going to be a connection with the Marvel studios as well. How? Well, we need to find that out.

Hercules: The Russo Brothers Are Going To Be Producing The Live- Action Movie. Have A Look At It.

Apparently, Disney has roped in Shang Chi writer Dave Callaham to pen down the script for the upcoming Hercules live-action movie. Moreover, the new upcoming project will be produced by Joe and Anthony Russo through their AGBO company. The duo will be overlooking the upcoming  Disney project.

We are not yet familiar with what kind of adaptation is it going to be, whether Disney is going to go for the original story or make some bold changes, and whether it is going to be a whole new different version. We will get all the details once the work for this project goes under development. The Russo brothers, however, have revealed that music is definitely going to be a part of it.

Hercules: Music Is Going To Be a Part Of The Live-Action Movie.

Moreover, with no casting information available yet, we are yet to know who is going to play the role of the mighty Hercules. We also need another big name for the role of Hades as well. Fans have been suggesting Ariana Grande’s name for the role of Megara. We wonder who is Disney going to hire for the lead roles, we will get to know once it all goes into production. Production on the remake live-action movie has yet to started and might be taking some time before the whole pandemic terror goes away.

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