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The Hunger Games Prequel Movie: Every Detail A Fan Should Know About The Upcoming Project

The popular novel adapted film franchise, The Hunger Games was a smashing box office hit and it seems like fans are yet to see more of it! The franchise might just come back yet again!

The Hunger Games Prequel Movie: A Prequel Is Finally Happening! Here’s What We Know.

Apparently, studio giant Lionsgate is all set to adapt Suzanne Collins new book The Ballads of Songbirds and Snake into a movie. Francis Lawrence, who already overlooked the final three movies in the original series will also be directing this upcoming movie as well.

The Hunger Games Prequel Movie: The Story Will Be Loosey Based On Suzanne Collins’ New Book.

As far as the plot of the upcoming movie is concerned, reputedly the story will take us back to sixty-four years before the beginning of the original trilogy. Moreover, the film will also explore deeper into Panem’s historical roots as well. So, the timeline of the movie will be completely different ensuring a new star cast for the movie.

With a huge time leap in the prequel movie, we assume that not all the star cast of the original story will be returning given the timeline. We will also get to see a much young Coriolanus Snow, who will be seen as an 18- year’s old individual way before the tyranny started in the first place. His life will be forced upon before he is chosen as the one and the aftermath that follows.

The Hunger Games Prequel Movie: We Will Get To See A Much Younger Coriolanus Snow!

This implies that a much young actor will be hired for the role and Donald Sutherland, who played an aged President Snow might appear in memories and flashbacks. We are not sure whether Jennifer Lawrence will actually make an appearance or not, given the timeline is different. The prequel movie has not yet started production yet. So, there has been no casting information either, which might come forward with time.

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