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Here’s The Best 5 Action Movies On Netflix You Shouldn’t Miss

Your binge-watch cannot be complete without some good old action movies on the way, and streaming giant Netflix is making sure that you don’t miss out ok some kick-ass action with their collection in store.

Don’t Miss Out On These Action Movies On Netflix For Some One Of A Kind Action Stories!

1. Extraction: The Chris Hemsworth starrer movie becomes one of the biggest hits under the streaming platform. With an interesting plot on board, raw action sequences along with some intriguing places of setting, the film is a perfect action-filled movie. You just cannot miss this one for sure, we have the trailer for you all right here!

2. Furie: This is all about the right amount of thrill that you need in a good action movie. This Vietnamese movie revolves around HaI Phuong under an unexpected turn of events, sets out on a journey to.save her younger daughter! This die trying movie is all about a mother’s wrath when her child is in trouble!

3. The Old Guard: Charlize Theron is back with an interesting story with the whole gang indulging in some kickass action in the Netflix movie. Theron is no ordinary being, but an immortal who suddenly question the fact that whether all this trouble and fighting is worth it or not. The film will definitely keep you hooked for sure.

4. Revenger: With the whole family brutally killed, the man sets out to seek revenge in this South Korean movie. How will he be able to do that? Well, he manages to deny himself to the prison island where these goons are kept in isolation, don’t miss out on this masterpiece movie as it is filled with intriguing moments of action and meticulous plot twist.

5. V For Vendetta: Action movies are not quite complete without this classic story of revenge and action that go hand in hand. This movie will leave you a slim for more but is sure one of the unconventional action films.

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