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Selena Gomez Remarks About Facebook’s Spread of Hate Misinformation

Misleading information can lead to the unnecessary spread of hate and negativity. One of the celebrities has recently opened up about this and fans should really her out.

Selena Gomez Raises Her Voice Against About Facebook’s Spread of Hate Misinformation! Here’s What We Know.

Singing sensation Selena Gomez has recently reached out to the Facebook executives by asking them to take some serious action against the spread of misinformation and racism on several social media platforms.

Selena Gomez Has Sent A Private Message About Facebook’s Spread of Hate Misinformation. Have A Look.

The popstar further said how two of the most popular social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram is being wrongly used to spread hate, misinformation, racism, and bigotry. Gomez has sent out a private message addressed to both chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg and chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg. She took a screenshot of the private message and shared it on her status story on Instagram to spread the message across her fans.

With Gomez asking these people to take some quick action, as it is the election year. People cannot be misled with all the wrong information about voting which might indirectly harm the whole system, the singer explained. This issue has been increasing with time and the chart-topper singer has urged to take action against people and social groups who are spreading such hate. With such a critical time going on for the country, she through it is the right time to spread her viewpoint.

Selena Gomez Opens Up About Facebook’s Spread of Hate Misinformation.

The singer has not forgotten her duties as a citizen and raised her voice against such an important issue. Selena, in the meanwhile, has been busy with her newly launched makeup line Rare and also her new music collaboration with popular K- Pop band BlackPink for the music video Ice- Cream. She recently launched her own personalized flavor of ice cream in order to promote the music video.

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