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Here’s How Ryan Reynolds Trolled Dwayne Johnson After Breaking His Home Gate

Dwayne Johnson, who always managed to outclass his opponents with his formidable move, has been outdone by Ryan’s super acute intellect.

Recently, Dwayne Johnson was getting ready to leave home for work on a usual morning, except that it was a bit unusual. There was a tremendous downpour for the last few days, and hence, the door, which is hydraulic powered, got jammed. The actor said that under usual circumstances, he overrides it manually and so the door gets open. This time, it acted in a rather stubborn manner and malfunctioned. So, Johnson was unable to push open the gate.

Still 45 minutes away.

Dwayne then called up the maintenance,, telling him that they are still 45 minutes away from him and cannot reach before that. Till now, everything is trite. A common man would have preferred to wait in the situation. But, “The Rock” is not a common man. He had a set to attend to hundreds of people who were eagerly waiting for him to commence the shooting.

Ryan Reynolds Trolls The Rock After He Tears Down Front Gates By Hand
Source: USA Magazine

So, Dwayne decided that it would be prudent to become his former self, the former World Heavyweight champion, “The Rock.” Once into beast mode, he started pushing the door. Indeed, such was the intensity with which he pushed the door that it actually broke – and taking with itself some bricks as well in the meantime.

Man’s bare hands

Maintenance people arrived on the scene someone hour later and were befuddled, or rather flabbergasted at the very sight of a secure door being broken by a man’s bare hands. Afterward, Dwayne started his “normal” day as he went ahead with his shooting.

Johnson later took to Twitter to mention his latest exploits. Fans immediately took note of this feat and started to praise Dwayne on the grounds of his superior body strength or on his punctuality.

While everyone was busy showering praise on him, Ryan decided to make his indelible impression on everyone with his witty trolls. He went ahead and said that the door did open, but on the other side. Truly ingenious indeed.

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