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Jeannie Mai And Jeezy Fuel Secret Marriage Rumors

TV Host Jeannie Mai and the rapper Jeezy are in relation for a long time. In their previous relationships, both gone through a lot. But it looks like finally, they found someone special in each other. This year, the cute couple also got engaged with each other. Their fans are so much happy. Also, recently Jeannie Mai hinted that she secretly married Jeezy. So below is everything which you should know about it:

Relationship Of Jeannie Mai And Jeezy

Jeannie Mai and Jeezy started dating each other in the year 2018. At that moment, they kept their relationship secret. Both met at the set of Mai’s talk show The Real. Then they started hanging out with each other; they also spotted together at many events. Then back in the previous year, finally, they confirmed their relationship openly.

In April 2020, Jeezy finally proposed to Mai for the marriage. Plans were different earlier as Jeezy wanted to propose her during a trip to Vietnam, but all impacted due to the ongoing pandemic situation. Both are so much in love together.

Jeannie Mai And Jeezy Reportedly Secretly Married

Fans of the couple are saying that Jeannie Mai And Jeezy secretly tied the knots with each other. The rumors began when Mai posted a video of her in-home studio where she called her fiancé Jeezy as her husband. Then soon, fans are starting to wonder that they got married without telling anybody. Here have a look at the video in which Mai calling Jeezy as her husband:

T.I. On Jeannie Mai Calling Jeezy As Her Husband

When the rapper T.I. watched the video of Jeannie Mai, he also replied to it. He also thought that the couple secretly tied the knots with each other. So he quickly commented on the Instagram post of Mai and replied: ‘Damn…Cuzz u got married? I’m tryna figure it out too cuh ain’t invite me lol.’

Jeannie Mai and Jeezy did not confirm if they got married secretly. But fans are convinced that they did it and dont tell anybody about it. If we get any new updates regarding their marriage, we will let you know.

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