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Ghost Rider: What Exactly Happened To The Franchise?

The popular Ghost Rider film franchise has been entertaining fans for years with some iconic actors being the face of Ghost Rider. However, we are curious whether the film franchise is going to return or not.

Ghost Rider: Is The Popular Film Franchise Going To Return Anytime Soon? Here’s What We Know.

While the Nicholas Cage starter movies received mixed reviews from fans, there has been a considerable amount of time since the movie franchise has made any such announcement about a new movie on its way. While we wonder whether Nicholas Cage will be returning or not but another movie is what fans are waiting for.

Ghost Rider: Johnny Blaze Might Make An Appearance In The Upcoming Blade Reboot.

However, the Marvel studio has some other plans for Johnny Blaze as there are reported of the studio giant including some supernatural anti-heroes into their upcoming Marvel Phase 4 plan. Apparently, it has jas been rumored that Johnny Blaze might be making a cameo appearance in the upcoming Blade reboot. The blade might be joining hands with Ghost Rider.

Moreover, according to the reports, Blade is going to team up with Johnny Blaze, and that’s not it as there are going to be some other anti-heroes into the mix including Jennifer Kale, Man-Thing, along with Werewolf by Night and Nadeen Hassan aka Glyph. It seems like it is going to be a tough ride along with the Ghost Rider himself. So, with this rumor doing the rounds, we might soon see Blaze on the big screen.

Ghost Rider: Marvel Has Yet Not Announced A Solo Johnny Blaze Film Yet.

Moreover, while Johnny Blaze’s appearance has been the topic of speculation for Marvel fans, there were even rumors of him making an appearance in the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel. One way or the other we might see the Ghost Rider and his flaming skull soon enough. We definitely cannot get enough of the fierce motorcycle anytime soon.

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