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Toy Story 5: Latest Details About Upcoming Installment

The fourth Toy Story was a huge box office success, and not to forget the film ended on a bittersweet note as well. Now fans are wondering whether the hit Pixar animated film franchise will be returning for a fifth movie or not.

Toy Story 5: Is The Pixar Film Franchise Returning For More? Here’s What We Know.

While the studio giant has yet not discussed any possibilities of a fifth film, yet, we are sure Woody, Buzz, and all the gang will be returning keeping in mind what a big box office hit the film franchise is amongst movie fanatics. There has been no new update about a fifth Toy Story under the Pixar banner.

Toy Story 5: The Studio Has Not Discussed The Fifth Toy Story Movie Yet. Have A Look.

The fourth film saw some new exciting toys making their way into the gang, fans loved the nervous yet adorable Forky who made quite an impression on kids and adults alike. Now, if a fifth movie is made, we will get to see more of him. Disney has some more plans about Forky in the future.

Forky become so popular with his debut that he is already getting a standalone series on Disney+. Tony Hale will be continuing voice the character and will also ask all kinds of adorable Forky special questions. We are going to witness more Forky related adventures. Disney+ is making sure that we get to see more of the nervous new member Forky and his friends.

Toy Story 5: Forky Is Getting His Own Standalone Disney Series.

Moreover, with our Woody looking forward to a new fresh start, we are going to see a new story with new faces in the fifth season, fans are hopeful as Toy Story is one of the money churning film franchise that might not be over so soon. Fans cannot get enough of Toy Story as it is surely a part of the nostalgic franchise.

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