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Woke Season 2 On Hulu: Has The Series Got Its Renewal For The New Season?

Hulu has been bringing home some unconventional exciting new shows and series that are not only keeping subscribers hooked but they are asking for more on the way!

Woke Season 2: Is The Brand New Action Comedy Series Coming Back On Hulu? Here’s What We Know.

A brand new action-comedy series Woke just made its debut in the streaming platform, and with the first season being over, fans are looking forward to the second one. With Hulu not yet renewing the show yet, we are looking into the possibilities of that happening soon.

Woke Season 2: Join Keef In This Entertaining New Series! Have A Look.

The new series Woke revolves around a Black cartoonist who slowly yet alarmingly comes in terms with racism around him and by the end of the first season finale he was fully waking about it! Or is he? The finale ends with a strong possibility of a second season happening. If young ent already saw the show yet, here’s the official trailer which surely looks woke enough!

All the eight episodes of the first season dropped t once on 9th September on Hulu, it is still early to come to any conclusion as there’s still time for the renewal announcement. With Keef’s newfound fame on the way, fans still have a lot to look forward to, so a second season might have high chances of happening. Keef found a new direction in life and the aftermath is what the second season will focus upon.

Woke Season 2: The First Season Finale Teased The Possibility Of Season 2!

The first season teases the possibility of the show returning as Keef’s marker’s final words were, and so it begins! Keef still has a lot to figure out and we are sure the second season will address the ongoing sensational Black Lives Matter movement as well. As of now, Hulu has not made any such announcement but keeping the positive response in mind, that might happen very soon.

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