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7 Tech Gadgets to Make Your Life Easier

Technology is constantly changing and advancing. It isn’t all just about computers anymore. Now, we use technology in almost every aspect of daily life. Tech gadgets can help you do everything from keeping your home clean to tracking and monitoring your sleep habits. Try these 7 gadgets, and see how technology can improve your lifestyle.

  • Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

At the end of a long day, you don’t always want to drag the vacuum out and clean the floors in your home. Using a robotic floor cleaner like the iRobot Roomba makes cleaning a breeze. These devices can be turned on with a push of a button or a tap on your phone with an app. Robotic floor cleaners have sensors to find and clean dirt in your home. They can also be equipped with motion-sensing technology to keep them from going downstairs or into areas that you do not want them to be in. When the room is clean, these robotic floor cleaners return to their charging stations so that they are ready for the next use.

  • Integrated Smart Home Systems

Products like the Google Echo Dot and Amazon’s Alexa can help with lots of tasks. From finding recipes while you’re cooking, to changing the temperature in your house, there are a growing number of tasks that can be completed by these home helpers. One of the benefits of using products like these is that it cuts down the amount of time spent looking at screens which can be harmful to your health. By dictating what you are searching for instead of having to type it into a device, you are freeing your hands and your eyes simultaneously.

  • Sleep Trackers

Many smartwatches also act as sleep trackers. Tracking your sleep can be incredibly helpful in creating good sleeping habits. They offer insight into things like time spent in the REM cycle, the average amount of sleep over a certain time period, and length of rest. Some sleep trackers can even suggest the right amount of sleep and appropriate bedtime for you. By monitoring your sleep, you can take steps to improve it if necessary. There are also other cool gadgets for slumber tracking such as headbands or rings. While they won’t provide as accurate an assessment as a professional sleep study, using products like the Fitbit, Oura or Dreemto monitor your sleep is a good addition to your tech arsenal.

  • Wireless Headphones

While you may fear that wireless headphones might be easy to lose, they are certainly an improvement on older models. Because they work with BlueTooth or WiFi, there is no need for a wire to connect the two earphones, or to connect to the device that you are trying to listen to. Faulty wiring is usually to blame when you need to replace headphones, so that will not be a concern if you make the switch to wireless. Many people actually find them more comfortable, too. Without the wires in the way, they have a better fit. As long as you store them in a safe place, this gadget is definitely an improvement that you should try.

  • Portable Battery Packs

As things progress in the world of technology, more and more of our gadgets need to be plugged in to charge. Sometimes, a dead battery on a phone, laptop or another electronic device could be an inconvenience, but in some cases, it can be dangerous or detrimental. Many people rely on electronic devices for work, school, and even health-related reasons. This is why keeping your items charged is important. Portable battery packs allow you to charge your items on the go and are usually equipped with USB ports or adapters. These also come in handy during situations where the power is out as in storms or other states of emergency.

  • E-Readers

While some people enjoy the experience of holding a printed book while they read, E-Readers are a technologic upgrade on paperbacks. Lightweight, portable, and able to contain a virtual library, products like the Kindle makes it easy and convenient to take your reading on the go. Some models are even waterproof, meaning that reading by the pool or at the beach is not a problem. You can also change the brightness and the reflectiveness of the screen so that you don’t overexert your eyes. They are also more eco-friendly and will save you money in the long run as downloadable books often cost less than their in-print counterparts.

  • Smart Appliances

Smart appliances like refrigerators and washing machines can help make chores easier. Smart refrigerators are often equipped with content tracking, so you can keep track of what’s inside without having to look. This is very helpful when you’re at the grocery store and you can’t remember if you have eggs at home. Take the guesswork out and let your fridge give you the answer. You can take the guesswork out of cooking, too with a smart stove. These have features like food recognition, and can accurately determine cooking times and temperatures for many commonly cooked foods.

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