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Best Ways To Get 1st Page Place In Google!

Okay, this might be funny, but just imagine that your page is ranked number one in Google. The traffic to your page is a hell lot and it is increasing minute by minute. Now to reality, this is definitely hard but then it is many people’s dream. You might be a small online retail business holder or a blogger producing content on World War II, You want to be the top in the Google searches.

How cool is it to have high traffic to your website, increased sale, and views and put yourself ahead of the competition?

As mentioned earlier this rarely happens. Even the giants in this field find this dream slightly impossible. You can be creative and have great content but to optimize that dream of yours then you have to be efficient. Here are some of the tips that can help you achieve that dream of getting page 1 rank on Google.

1) Start From Where You Are And Be Great There

What I mean by saying, ‘Start from where you are and be great there’ is that you need to focus on one particular thing rather than an entire industry. Still didn’t get my point?

Instead of dealing in the entire area of home décor deal specifically in that category of home décor that you are good with. Maybe deal with customized wallpapers alone and use that keyword. Focus all your attention on that particular thing. This can increase the chances of your dream of getting a number 1 rank on Google.

Why I am saying this is that there are a hell lot of websites or blogs that focus on home décor but there are only a few websites that talk about customized wallpapers.

Getting my point?

By doing this you are eliminating 75% of your competitions in one go. Now it is way easier for you to build on that it was in the beginning. As it is mentioned in the Forbes website, “Be a big fish in a small pong.” As simple as that.

2) Keywords Matter

Keywords are something that will make you get closer to being the number 1 page on Google. You can play with and if you play smartly, trust me; you will see for yourself how this will work. So when you choose keywords make sure that it is realistic, worth the attention and has less competition. For example, you can’t play with the keyword, ‘best gift on valentine’s day’.


Because there is a huge competition for that keyword. You have to make sure that you choose a keyword that attracts and is less competitive. Eliminating and winning the competition is everything.

Be realistic with your keyword. Using a keyword like, ‘blue-green and happy pumpkin’ serves no use even if they gain popularity. Even when you use a keyword make sure that you are using it wisely. Use it in your URL address, Webpage heading, Descriptions, etc. Make sure that you don’t overuse it and create confusions.

3) Get Links To Your Website

This is where guest posting is a savior. You can try out the technique of guest posting to increase the traffic to your website.

What is guest posting?

You might be aware that you can post in other bloggers blog and this is called guest posting. The blogger might in return link your account, website or blog to the post. The viewers who are actually interested in your content can then easily visit your blog and find out more.

You can also get links to your website by social media advertising, adding your link to local business directories, creating great that other bloggers or readers will be really interested in, etc. According to the various reports, inbound links are the most import and effective factor which helps you to get higher rankings.

4) Create And Add More Quality Contents

If you don’t have quality content that actually works for readers then every effort is just useless. You have to make sure that you add more and more content every day or on a regular basis to your website or blog. This will sound fancy but make sure that your viewers are waiting for the posts or articles from you. Instill an interest among the viewers and what if they start sharing your link and provide you with more viewers. You can also try out hiring someone to provide you with quality content. Trust me, in the long run, it will definitely be helpful. The meta description in Google has become more complex as they reduced the limit to 160 from 300. Make sure that the content in the meta description attracts the traffic in one go. Make sure to use keyword in necessary places.

Finally, that is it. I can’t guarantee you that you will have the number 1 ranking in Google but your chances have become high. Follow these steps. Believe in yourself and every success is yours. All the best!

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