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Best Children’s Digital Watches In 2019

Getting a watch as a gift when I was a child was the ultimate. The earliest I can remember was around when I was 5. The watch had this red strap (I think that is why red is my favorite color now), with a round white face, the numbers beginning at 12 at the top all the way to 11. It was fun counting the numbers on my watch then later learning how to tell time with it.

In the present day, analog watches still exist but kids digital watches are the fad right now. Most of their gadgets set the time in digital format, so this has further helped in influencing the need for digital watches.

Digital refers to the display of, say time, with the use of numerals or other symbols. This is different from an analog which would display with the use of rotating arms on the face of the timepiece or clock. Most electronic devices make use of the digital format of displaying time. The creation or invention of the digital format is credited to Austrian engineer Josef Pallweber in 1883. For digital alarm clock, it was patented in the United States by D.E Protzman in 1956 while the first-ever digital wristwatch to be mass-produced with an LED display was by a company called Hamilton Watch Company and the watch was called the Pulsar in 1970.

With the advancement in technology, kids do not need to wear wristwatches as their smartphones, alarm clocks which speak out the time are now available to them. This has made wearing a watch an unnecessary accessory. Despite this feeling, the love and need for watches still live in the hearts of many people including kids. Like when they go swimming, you can’t have their alarm clocks with them or their smartphones, having a digital watch which you can use in water, serves the purpose better. So, folks we need to pass on the need and love for wristwatches to our kids especially between the ages of 5-18.

Digital watches are designed for individuals who are geared towards activities that take them outdoors, adventurous, and generally been active. Most digital watches have common features like;

They are readable- the numeral light up most times making it easy for your kids to see and tell the time. Even if they are in the dark, they can easily see the time on their watches.

They are durable- most digital watches come with a rubber strap or even plastic strap which makes it withstand breaking. Having a rubber strap also makes it perfect for the outdoor activity where sweat, water or other liquids can come in contact with it.

They come with other add-ons- these watches are not just made for telling time, they are also made for other reasons like shock-proof when running there is no fear of the machine shifting out of place. They are also waterproof which means they can be used while swimming or even playing in the rain. They are also resistant to other normal wear and tear of most other wristwatches like leather straps wristwatches.

Affordable- the price of these digital watches are another enticing factor for most parents. The prices of these watches are well within the range for kids to have without fear of them misplacing it. So, they are affordable, but they also look very good.

That said, here are some of the best kids digital watches in 2019.

Dual-Time digital wristwatch.

This digital watch comes in both analog and digital. Yes, your kid gets to have the best of both worlds when it comes to telling time. The watch would show displays like the date which would include the day, month and year. It would have a stopwatch, chime hourly, a backlight for when its dark. It is best suited for kids who are active especially outdoors and added the advantage of been water-resistant for up to 50 meters. All this for a price of a maximum of $18. The disadvantage of the dual-time digital wristwatch is it isn’t waterproof. So, it is not suitable for activities like swimming, diving, or any activity that takes you underwater.

A waterproof outdoors digital wristwatch

This digital watch can come in different colors like black, blue, red, or a combo of all three. Like the name implies it is waterproof, so it can be worn while your kids are swimming or even taking a shower. The display is in an easy to read format which is numeral so is the date display. this type of watch is best suited for kids within the age range of 6-15 years old. All this can be bought for a price of a maximum of $12. It is advised though to reduce the use of the watch while underwater as this would affect its lifespan.

An Avengers digital wristwatch

This is a really popular choice amongst kids. They have the option of choosing any of the Avengers characters as the face of the watch. They can choose between their popular superheroes like Thor, Ironman, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk. The beauty of this wristwatch is, it is suitable for kids as low as 5 years old. The backlight of this watch also makes the numerals easy to read. All this for the price of $12 or less. The downside here is unlike your superheroes who would likely survive underwater, your wristwatch would not.

The Waterproof digital sports watch.

Easy to read numerals, great for kids from 6 to older teens. Designed to resist shock plus the added advantage of been scratch resistant. Displays time with backlight, great for outdoor activities, can be used underwater, comes in different colors. All for the price of $12. The difficulty here might be setting it up. Make sure you help your kid with it.

So, there are different types of digital watches that cater to your kid’s needs. No matter the sports they are into or not, there is a watch for them.

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