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Buying Guide: How To Buy A Mixer Grinder?

Many appliances are required in a kitchen but none as crucial as a mixer grinder. Whether it is coriander chutney or pureed onions to make a spicy curry, mixer grinder is among the most basic appliance one needs to have in the kitchen.

And if you are wondering which product to choose, then your wait ends here with our buying guide for mixer grinder.

Like all appliances, there are several factors to consider before buying a mixer grinder. They are:

What type?

There are two types of mixer grinders – Stand and Traditional.

Stand mixer grinder:

  • This is powerful enough to mix ingredients
  • They are mainly used for whipping cream and kneading the dough
  • They are mostly found in bakeries and food industry

Traditional mixer grinder:

  • They come in simple designs and are very compact
  • They are usually found in homes and are used to grind ingredients

Check the wattage:

  • Wattage will determine the power of the motor
  • If the wattage is higher, then the motor can grind a more massive load
  • For homes, 550-600 watt motor is ideal
  • Motors above 500 watts are usually very noisy

What’s the RPM?

  • If the mixer grinder has higher RPM (revolutions per minute), the motor will be more powerful
  • High RPM ensures that more quantity of ingredients is processed in lesser time
  • While deciding on the RPM, remember that higher the RPM, more noise and heat are generated
  • If more heat is generated, it could affect the overall life of the device

Speed levels:

  • The mixer grinder must offer multiple speed levels
  • Different speed levels help in versatile performance
  • A good model must have at least three levels
  • Usually, delicate food is processed at lower speeds, and higher speeds are useful for coarse ingredients
  • If you want a fine paste of the ingredient, then the mixer grinder has to be used at very high speed

Rating in minutes:

  • This feature defines the continuous operating time that is recommended for a mixer grinder
  • The standard grade is 30 minutes – repetitions of 5 minutes on and 3 minutes off
  • One has to careful while using a mixer grinder
  • A break in between continuous operation is critical
  • Failure in giving a break may lead to overheating and may cause severe damage to the machine

Family size:

  • The size of your family will have a significant bearing on the size of the mixer grinder
  • If you have a large family, then you will need a heavy-duty model
  • In that case, you will also need to buy large jars

Jars, jars, and jars:

  • The more the number of jars, the better
  • A good model will offer two to three jars with varying capacities to meet your requirement
  • One jar can be used for juicing, another for grinding spices, etc.,
  • Usually, all mixer grinders come with separate jars for wet grinding and dry grinding
  • Dry grinding jars are generally smaller in size and is useful for grinding spices
  • Wet grinding jars are used to grind coconut to make chutney

Mixer blades:

  • Well, blades do all the job, and it is only natural that we need to pay special attention
  • Check for 304-grade stainless steel blades
  • The grade decides whether the steel is resistant to oxidation and corrosion
  • 302 to 304 blades have low carbon, helping them last longer
  • Quality blades also retain sharpness for an extended period

Don’t compromise on quality:

  • Always check for the quality of blades, jars, etc.,
  • Check whether the jars fit the motor properly
  • If there is a wobble, then the quality is poor
  • The blades have to be sturdy, and the jars need to close tight

Overload protection:

  • There are times when you may inadvertently overfill the jar of the mixer grinder
  • Such overloading could damage the motor
  • To avoid this, a circuit breaker is installed in the mixer grinder, which prevents damage to the motor
  • This is a very crucial feature, and you have to check before buying a mixer grinder

Safety matters:

  • Main safety features to look out for are earthing, cutout and safety power cables
  • The power cable is essential as some manufacturers compromise on the

quality of the cable to bring down the overall cost

  • A low-quality power cable may tear and lead to electric shocks
  • The mixer grinder must have a balanced and robust base to avoid mishaps

Incher facility:

  • This controls the speed of the mixer
  • By controlling speed, you can ensure that delicate food items like tomatoes are not converted into a fine paste

Lock system:

  • A mixer grinder must not operate if the jar is not properly locked on the main unit
  • This is a significant safety feature, and one must check for it

Any design preference?

  • There are mainly two types of models – Slim design and Tower design
  • The tower or L-shaped body design is famous today
  • In L-shaped configuration, the jar and blades can be removed from the main unit
  • This helps in cleaning and maintaining the mixer grinder
  • The Slim design is ideal for small households
  • A poorly designed mixer grinder can overheat quickly, thereby damaging the motor

Easy maintenance:

  • Like any electrical appliance, mixer grinders also need to be maintained
  • For urban users, a simple two jar model is easy to maintain

Durability is key:

  • A durable product would come with steel jars and break-proof plastic lids
  • This is a crucial feature as a mixer grinder is used almost daily

What’s your budget:

  • Think about how much you are ready to spend on the appliance
  • Go for a price and feature comparison before deciding on the product
  • Remember, mixer grinders with juicers are more expensive, but it may well be worth investing in a multi-utility accessory
  • At the same time, mixers with both wet and dry grinding capabilities are expensive

Warranty period:

  • Most products come with 2-years warranty
  • Usually, the warranty only covers any manufacturing defects
  • Most brands do not give warranty for mishandling
  • Check for a product that offers at least 2 to 5 years warranty
  • Also, see if there is any additional warranty on the motor

After sales service:

  • This is another critical area as spare parts must be readily available, and the service must be prompt and effective
  • To understand this better you could check online reviews of several brands
  • Remember, the rubber gasket will wear out frequently
  • So, the replacement must be readily available in the market
  • Same is the case with blades

The brand:

  • Finally, the brand of the product, too, matters
  • There are certain brands which come with a healthy reputation and have been leading players for quite some time
  • Brand reputation can play a significant role in swinging your choice

As mentioned earlier, a mixer grinder is an essential appliance and one that is used regularly in households. Keeping this in mind and the factors discussed above, you should be comfortably placed now in choosing the product that perfectly fits your requirement.

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