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Download YoWhatsApp Apk For Android

WhatsApp doesn’t need an introduction. It’s over 1 billion active users because of its descent quick messaging expertise. However, there are some people, who aren’t happy with the prevailing options and therefore them MOD the app to present it a world power with additional options.

What is YoWhatsApp? Things to understand everything regarding it

So, these days I’m gonna tell you a few new killing options modded app of WhatsApp named YoWhatsApp. At this time day, it’s over one million active users. So, if you’re wondering to download YoWhatsApp Official Application and suddenly comes an idea that, If I’ll use YoWhatsApp then ought to I actually have to uninstall the official one? Or anything.

Then don’t worry you’ll be able to use the app YoWhatsApp and the Real WhatsApp at the same time. A while back a modded version of WhatsApp gone viral, that is GBWhatsapp however currently YoWhatsApp in on a trend. You must try once.

How to Download YoWhatsApp Apk for Android device?

Downloading the YoWhatsApp doesn’t need any help, in fact, you’ll be able to do it simply. Consequently, some folks don’t seem to be smart at new things. For this reason, we are getting to mention the step by step ways to download this app.

  • Firstly, download the most recent version of YoWhatsApp for your android phone from the links.
  • Download the APK file on your device, install and open the app.
  • Now, the app can ask you to provide your phone number for additional verification.
  • Next, choose your country from the given list and enter your number. Shortly you may receive an OTP to validate your device.
  • After this, you’ll be able to enter your name and set a profile image on WhatsApp.
  • Then click on the menu and at the highest right corner, there’ll be a choice of YoMods tap on that.
  • Now you’ll be able to have a listing of options that latest version of YoWhatsApp offers.

YoWhatsApp options

  • In YoWhatsApp you’ll be able to hide your online status, means anyone is messaging you won’t be ready to know whether or not you’re online or not.
  • You can use unlimited themes and enhance your YoWhatsApp as your preference.
  • You can hide the blue tick. Suggests that you recognize that in WhatsApp if you receive any message and you’ve seen your received message, then the actual message is mentioned with a blue tick at the corner. And with this feature, you can hide the blue tick, therefore, anyone won’t be able to understand whether or not you have checked the message or not.
  • You can block calls. If you’re receiving spam calls, then you’ll be able to merely build use of this feature.
  • You can lock the app. it’s a protection feature in addition. If you very much care regarding your privacy and use different apps from the play store to protect your personal apps, then this feature is very useful for you.
  • It’s a cool feature that you will apply a fingerprint.
  • As you know if you send a picture in WhatsApp then the quality of the image is reduced. So, in YoWhatsApp you can share pictures while not losing quality.
  • You recognize that WhatsApp has some limits that you cannot send some files with some specific extensions. However, with YoWhatsApp you can send any file varieties because it supports almost all file extensions. Such as. Zip files etc.
  • As you know that if you wish to send messages to anyone unknown, then you initially have to save the quantity in your contact list, then refresh on the WhatsApp app, and so you can send a message. However, in YoWhatsApp you don’t have to save any range you can send a message to anyone while not saving their range to your contact list.
  • You can simply change the font style that appears smart to you.
  • It’s a killer feature that is Anti-Delete. Means if you send a message to somebody and also the receiver didn’t need your message and needed to delete it then he/she cannot delete it.
  • In real WhatsApp, you can’t hide media that seems on the gallery. However here you’ll be able to hide them.
  • You can enhance or customize as your preference to each screen in YoWhatsApp.
  • You can hide profile image so an unknown person won’t be able to identify you.
  • If you’re chatting with someone and you’re in a crowd and don’t need others to know that to whom you’re chatting with, then there could be a feature with this you can hide the name of the person to whom you’re chatting.
  • You can translate messages.
  • It additionally has DND (Do Not Disturb) services. This will control spam messages.
  • You also will hide a specific chat wherever original WhatsApp doesn’t give you.
  • These are some interesting and cool options, and there are tons of more options offered on YoWhatsApp.

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