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How Netbase’s Social Media Listening Service Helps Companies

There’s no denying the popularity of the internet throughout the world. Considering that, many people will take to the internet to talk about a company or product. When this happens, it’s wise to find out what consumers are saying about your business. Fortunately, you can accomplish this goal by utilizing the power of social media listening. It’s understandable to wonder what makes this form of listening so important. Here’s a helpful beginner’s guide to social media listening.

What is Social Media Listening?

If you want to find out what others are talking about on the internet, it’s wise to comb websites for data. This form of listening allows people to identify what others are saying about a product, person, company, or service. There are many sources to find this type of information including social media platforms, online forums, and other types of websites. After finding out what others are saying about your company, you can respond to these mentions. This helps to show consumers that your company cares.

Listening vs Social Media Monitoring

It’s easy to confuse social media listening with monitoring. Social media monitoring involves keeping track of how many times something or someone is mentioned on the internet. While this is an effective business strategy, you can do even more by actively listening to these internet-based mentions. This method involves finding these mentions and turning them into actionable insights. As an example, social media monitoring would involve a company searching for internet mentions about a business. Listening to social media mentions involves having a company enter these discussions to increase a brand’s awareness and reputation.

What You Can Gain From Social Media Listening

There are many ways to use the concept of listening through social media to your advantage. For instance, many companies utilize this form of listening to learn about customer complaints. In turn, company representatives can find out why people are complaining about a product or service. This allows a business to begin working on steps to fix this problem.

You can also utilize this type of listening to follow up with potential leads. Not everyone uses the internet to voice negative opinions about a product or service. In many cases, people will utilize the internet to conduct research. If your company is keeping tabs on this type of research, it’s easy to provide information to these customers. This also helps prevent someone else giving out information that might be untrue. By speaking with a company representative, consumers will be able to know they’re receiving information from a reliable source.

To summarize, it’s a good idea to understand how social media listening impacts your company. If you’re ready to begin utilizing social media to your company’s advantage, check out NetBase. This company provides a wide range of analytical software for companies. NetBase utilizes an artificial intelligence engine that finds and analyzes sentiments and meanings behind every sentence. In addition, NetBase’s powerful software is able to find mentions of your company with coverage that spans almost 200 different languages.

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