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Is LeapFrog Activity Tracker A Best Kids Smart Watch (Review)

The world has been plunged into a state of innovation and progression, with the twenty-first century witnessing one of the biggest evolutions of mankind: integration in the field of technology. One of the major highlight through this decade is the production of the best smartwatches for the kids.

Finding the best smart watch for teenagers or kid might become a tedious task but we’ve reviewed one of the top smartwatch available for toddlers in the market.

For young kids aged 4-7, this band is a fun partner. It would make your kid leap, jump, hop and dance like nothing else because of the pre stored challenges in the watch. LeapFrog Smart watch includes about 50 activity challenges like ‘hop like a kangaroo’, ‘wiggle like a worm’ and ‘leap like a frog’.

As the activity is performed for a 10 second time period, the next challenge unlocks and new characters are discovered. There are eight characters on the display which includes cat, unicorn, dog, dragon, monkey, panda, robot, and penguin. Although, you can connect the watch with your computer to play with the settings and unlock all activities.

The attraction of earning points after each activity and the fun music that plays behind is a treat for your kid. It would be even more enjoyable if you can have more kids play with your loved one having the same smart watches.

Available in three colors and designed to look cool, this will engage your kids in healthy activities. Also, it is very light weight so the kid can wear it all the time and can easily be connected with the PC or laptop so you can access the LeapFrog interface that includes customization options.

You can have control settings set on the watch as to limit the time the child spends on the tracker. You can set lunch time, school time and bedtime and an alarm will sound at those particular times. This kids smartwatch displays both analog and digital time displays so that your kid can learn to tell time both ways.

You can also shut off the activity mode and let your kid use it as a normal watch if you like. The watch cost only $34 so the facilities it offers are a little limited. For example, the label claims that it is an activity tracker but there is no way that you can keep track of the activities actually. There is no way to verify whether the kid has jumped like a frog or not. It is water-resistant which is a big plus but the battery lasts for only a day but that is not a very bad thing; you can put it on charge at night when your kids sleeps.

 Lightweight and cheap
 About 50 activity challenges
 Fun sounds and characters to engage the kids
 Water-resistant

De Merits/Disadvantages

 Not really a tracker
 Battery timing is only 1 day although claimed to be 3 days by the company
 There is no way to verify whether the challenges have been completed

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