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Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Starting A Road Trip

No other feeling on this entire planet can ever replace the feeling of adventure, of the new roads and same yet somehow contrasting  skies, of the ever-changing scent in the air, varying with its many affairs with the trees, the chilly sensations crispy winds leave – caressing your skin and dancing through your hair – as you make more twists and turns when hitting the roads. Road trips, whether joined by friends or family, or just solo, can be, with no doubt, the most remarkably momentous time of a person’s life.

However, you wouldn’t want these memories to be clasped with regrets and awful memories of flat tires left stranded by side of a completely foreign land or of the most dreaded, ‘getting sick’ card pulling a stop in the midst of nowhere, etc, you get the gist.

So! To make sure those are not the pictures being pinned on your notice board, we’re here for the rescue, with the ultimate list of ‘Things you should keep in your mind before you drive off into the dawn’ list.

Things you should plan about in advance:

  • There’s no trip without a proper car:

The plan of a road trip is just a castle built in clouds if you don’t have a car good enough for long distanced expeditions. If that is the case, get it serviced properly, or Sell Used Cars and then buy a better one that lets you live out your dreams.

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  • Planned pitstops :

While unplanned detours might sound tempting at times, like in the movies, in real life, an already fatigued and crumpled body requires rest every once in a while with the promise of a stretch or few. An outlined route with interesting pitstops to try out the local food and probably take a small walk is something you would be immensely grateful for later.

  • Weather Updates:

One of the most terrific examples of a disastrous road trip is of thunder clouds and storms gurgling away as you stay put, mood fouled. To not be stuck in such a situation, make sure that you regularly keep yourself updated about the local weather and plan ahead accordingly.

  • Advance Bookings:

Advance booking can go a long way. There are possibilities of the inns or motels to be full house sometimes, therefore, prior reservations are always the go-to path while on road trips.

  • GPS, GoogleMaps or old school paper maps:

Getting lost in the middle of nowhere does not sound like a fun trip. Carry a Map, use the GoogleMaps and GPS in the phone or the one inbuilt in the car, in order to navigate the new roads without this fear and have a successful road trip

  • Personalized Playlist:

Music blaring through the speaker while on the road is the best thing ever. Therefore, make a customized playlist with all your favorite songs that you can jam to, on the top of your lungs, the feeling of freedom coursing through your veins as your roam the new lands.

  • Double check the essentials:

God forbid such this situation comes, but double check if you have taken your license, car registration, a first aid kit and all the necessary tools required to change a flat tire along with duh! a spare tire and knowing the instructions to do the job or having an instructional manual.

  • Pack the bag:

Last but not least, pack the bag accordingly. Pack a mobile car charger, normal charger, torches, camera, clothes, snacks, pen, paper and cash (for instant cash within 30 minutes, cash your old car ) as per the trip planned.

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