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Why Mobile Websites Are Still Better

Technology is definitely changing the whole scenario of the market and trends easily and effectively. This is the reason, businesses are also coming forward to grab the opportunity laid by the technology. Because mobile apps are the easiest way to get in touch with the audience, hence constant shift and innovation can be seen in this platform.

If you are an entrepreneur and planning to establish your business presence in the market along with the people around, make sure you are taking the support of a mobile application or a mobile website.

From the foreground, both of these concepts may look similar but from the background, there is a thin line difference between these two. Mobile website and mobile apps are not similar in various ways depending on the number of factors which include target audience, budget, purpose, and features.

But before checking the ways how mobile website is better, it is recommended to know the difference between mobile web and apps for a better overview and detailed understanding.

What is the difference between a mobile website and mobile applications?

A mobile website is similar to any other website available in the market. It is like a mini version of the website which smartly consists of browser-based HTML pages. The pages are then linked together and can be accessed with the help of the internet.

The most basic way to distinguish mobile web with the app is that the former one is designed for small handheld display and is a mini version of a website. Similar to the website, a mobile website can display content, data, videos, information, etc, in just a tap.

Whereas, apps are a bit different. Apps are actually the real applications that can be downloaded and installed rather than being rendered within a browser. In the context of apps, users generally remain stick to the app stores.

Let us find out why mobile website are better than mobile apps one by one-

Better user experience

Users decide the fate of apps, be it a mobile website or mobile application. This is the reason, mobile websites are designed for handheld devices like phones, tablets, iPhones, etc.

Since the era is all about mobile and its technology, this is the reason people are no longer opting for the desktop website to check things or information. And a mobile website is filling that void through technology and brilliant user experience effectively. Meanwhile, get to know prototyping tools for great UX design for better understanding.

Brand identity

A business starts with the expectation to stay in the league for the long run along with fulfilling the needs of the users. The mobile website is the best way to make a mark in the market along with a chance to stand out.

The mobile website is brilliant way to improve your brand reputation along with maintaining a healthy relationship with the users around.


Speed is time, and no users have time to wait until the sites load. Hence, in such a situation, the mobile website plays a vital role. A mobile website will load quickly because of the structured codes meant for mobile devices.

Easy to use

It is noted that mobile users are the biggest buyer as compared to website buyers. Keeping many things in mind, mobile websites are designed in such a way that users will get maximum advantage out of it.

The mobile websites are simplified and can be used easily on a small screen. With it, customers can easily get access to things they want to have along with the information they were searching for. 


Let’s face it, having a web application will cost you less as compared to proper application. A mobile website can be easily accessed through the browser of any phone or tablet.

Whereas, in the case of apps, one needs to install the app from the app store which somehow becomes the barrier between instant work and installation. No matter how much you are spending for developing an app along with hiring the best mobile app building company, users generally prefer to go for a mobile website.

SEO benefit

Today, everything should be done in a precise and effective way. This is the reason, mobile websites are snatching all the limelight from apps. One can find the brand easily through online searches.

Google is mastering the art of controlling people around the world, that is why whatever Google suggests we follow. With the mobile website, the path of finding the brand or business becomes easy and clear.


Mobile websites are more flexible as compared to a mobile application. If you are planning to change the design and whole interface of an app, you can do the same immediately and publish the edited version.

Whereas, updating an application requires the updates to be pushed to the users which they need to download again on any kind of device


There is no doubt, users can access a mobile website anywhere irrespective of time, zone and region. The level of connectivity will help the business to remain in touch with the users.

Moreover, this level of connectivity will also help the business to grab the opportunity in terms of connectivity with a larger number of audiences.

Cannot be deleted

There are millions of apps available in the market and the average lifespan of an app is short as compared to those which are already successful with loads of unique features and things.

Whereas, on the other side, mobile websites are always around to the people for serving them.


Who doesn’t want to grow and expand their business globally? Hence, going with a mobile website is the best way to reach to a larger audience.

As mobile website URL can be easily shared to the publishers and people around. Whereas, if we look on the app side, the app cannot be shared in this way.

Website like app

A mobile website is capable enough to behave like a native app.  As mobile websites can be developed according to the database driven web apps.

In short, a web app can substitute a fully fledged mobile app and help users to get things done for them easily and effectively.

Multiple things

Businesses are meant to expand and not to collapse after some time. Investing in the development of a mobile website can give you dual benefit.

If you add 10 products to your website, you are also adding 10 new products to your mobile website simultaneously. This way you will be giving a good chance to the people around for connecting with your brand.


We cannot favor either mobile websites or apps. As both of these comes up with their own advantage and own challenges.

As the trend is shifting towards better UI and UX and it is also a fact that one size doesn’t fit all. There are a handful of companies in the market which are still working and going ahead strongly with a mobile website.

In the end, it is important to carefully access what do you want and how can you fulfill the desire and meet the expectations of the consumers around. Do a careful and strategically assessment of your business aim and then work accordingly.

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